Curly curtains: top 8 curlers for wavy hair

Remember the good old 90s and early 2000s? When your hairdresser would have to detangle your hair and then pull it out with an iron comb heated over fire? The kind that could singe your hair? Sometimes even your scalp and neck? Yes, the good old days. Thankfully there have been brilliant strides in hair curling technology and we are here to share them with you.

Nowadays, there are lots of amazing hair curlers to choose from. Zeroing in on one can be confusing sometimes.

Do you want thick wooly curls, beach-like waves or thin ringlets? Whatever you fancy- there’s a curler just for you. With these portable curlers you can carry your own saloon in your bag with you. These curls work with both natural and synthetic hair.

Here are our top 8 curlers for wavy hair.


1. Cloud Nine Waving Wand

Blow drying your hair always leaves you feeling free and fantastic. But now that your hair is washed out and dry you want to get some thick and long bouncy curls, right? The Cloud Nine Waving Wand does that well. It’s 36mm, which can be used on both long and short hair, gives you length and breadth. It gives you the best of a natural wave.


2. Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Waver

Now, this curler stands out like a sore thumb with its rainbow design. But who doesn’t like some colour in their life? The Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Waver is perfect if you are trying to avoid frizzy hairtips. It has a negative ion technology which means you can curl without worrying about your hair twisting anyway anyhow.



3. Babyliss Curl Secret

Curling isn’t always easy for those with 4C hair- *whispers* Black folk. It can take so long that you get exhausted with the process. You start to wonder if it’s even labour that you are doing.

This is where Babyliss Curl Secret styler. It is a bit funny looking seeing as you’d think it’s a garlic press but trust it gets the work done. The butt draws your hair in and heats from all angles as you twist it out into a smooth wave. If you don’t want this, then what else do you want?


4. Remington Proluxe Hair Curling Wand

Remington has done it again. No, not Raymond Reddington the character but Remington the brand. Their 25-38mm barrel makes curling a breeze for those who want to create big bouncy curls or beach waves. Within 30 seconds, it is hot and ready for use. And since they know you may need them on the go, it include a travel pouch and a heatproof glove when you buy it. Dope, right?


5. Babyliss Curl Pro Tong

Babyliss are ahead of the game when it comes to hair curling accessories. Their Curl Pro Tong is their most affordable cheap and effective yet. It is designed to create bouncy curls with five temperatures ranges. So u can adjust the look of your curls and even determine how long you want them to last.


6. T3 Whirl Trio Curling Tongs

You want something loose? Some tousled-looking waves? Then these curling tongs are your best bet in getting that look without damaging your hair. With five heat settings to choose from the T3 also has its own patented heat technology, which uses infra-red heat to stop your hair getting damaged. Nifty, easy undone waves coming right up.


7. Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Waver

Gorgeous is the regular with this curler. Giving you thick waves, it almost makes your hair look like it’s been plaited.


8. Dyson Airwrap Styler

The OG hair curler has entered the building. The Dyson Airwrap styler brings you a crown worthy of a goddess. It has dual capabilities as a hair dryer and a hair tong. While it is costly but is an investment that is sure to get the job over and done.  You can even check their site for an online test to determine which of their nine curling attachments is best suited for your hair.






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