Dear Men, Here are 5 ways to know if your girl friend loves you

You randomly have thoughts about how your partner feels after a thorough scroll on your TL. It’s normal to see “ fear women or that gender”. There’s no need to try to test your partner to prove love, you’re better than that.

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Don’t get swayed by comments you see on the TL, most of these comments are typed with their girls’ heads on their chests. Unless she is very good at pretending, you will know if your girlfriend is down for you. 


1. Excitement about the future

Does she speak with excitement when she talks about a future with you? That’s a very good sign. She is not with you just because she needs company, your girl can’t wait to spend forever with you. 


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2. Spends time with you

Don’t fall for the lame excuse of any partner wanting space, if she loves you, she will not get tired of you. “ I’ve been busy” should not be an excuse. If she loves you, she will make time for you no matter how busy she is. 

3. Asks of your opinion

Are you her go-to when she needs an opinion on a matter? You can tell she regards when she does this. She cares about your opinion, they mean a lot to her.

4. Will not take you for granted

If she loves you, she will respect you. She will treat you nice even on your cloudy days. She will not like you to spend to much. She knows when to say, “ it’s enough, let’s keep this money for later”. 

5. She becomes a mum

I don’t mean she does your laundry and dishes for you. She helps because she wants to, not because she has to. When she loves you, she tends to take care of you, imagine you fell seriously ill and your girlfriend decides to check up on you in the morning and ignores you till the next day, it’s sad, right? If she loves you, her motherly instinct takes over, she’ll pamper you like a mum does for a kid. 


You know her better than any of your friends, don’t let them get into your head. If she’s sincere, you will know. Learn to trust your instincts.


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