Deezy Drama: Afrochella co-founder Deezy fingered in series of alleged sexual harassment reports

Afrochella-co founder Deezy has been accused in reports of serial sexual harassment allegations. According to several reports, Deezy is alleged to have made forceful sexual advances on several women on social media app Snapchat, sometimes forwarding unsolicited nude pictures to his victims.

In a Twitter spaces held on August 10 dubbed “#Ourexperiences,” some girls who have been victims of this harassment from the entrepreneur, revealed that he blocks them when they do not respond positively to his advances.

The expose was shared after a Twitter user revealed a personal interaction with Deezy on Snapchat.

Social media has been awash with varying opinions regarding the situation, with most calling for Deezy to pull back from Afrochella.

Currently, there has been no official statement from Deezy, his management or the organisers of Afrochella. However, latest developments show that the official Twitter page of the Afrochella Festival has been suspended.

The reason for the page’s suspension is yet to be made known.





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