Digital Dynamo: Edward Asare’s unconventional journey from unemployed to leading professional will inspire you

Ghanaian blogger, Influencer, and digital marketer, Edward Asare is our first guest on Digital Dynamo, our latest interview series where we speak to young Africans who are contributing to the Digital Economy through their career, hobbies, relationships and especially their social media accounts.

For Edward, a young Ghanaian Digital expert who has employed storytelling in sharing nuggets of wisdom, career lessons and novel ideas, the internet is his oyster.

Celebrated on Linkedin and Twitter, Edward beyond the digital persona is a young man who has a passion for music, humour, and family.

A professional who has left an indelible mark on the professional landscape, Edward’s journey began at Dawatrim R/C primary school before climbing the ladder to Accra Academy for his Senior High School education before pursuing a degree in Economics and Information Studies from the University of Ghana.

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From National Service at the St Francis Senior High School in Jirapa to being unemployed and now working at the United Bank for Africa, his relentless pursuit of self-discovery and growth is a character trait that must inspire every young person out there.

Enjoy the chat

Braperucci Africa: Beyond the public image, who is Edward Asare in his personal life? 

Edward Asare: A free-spirited young man, family person, music lover and very humorous 

Can you share the sources of inspiration that drive your professional pursuits?

E.A: The drive to achieve my highest potential. Everything I need to be great is already in me. I need to mine it out

Managing multiple areas of expertise can be demanding. How do you effectively balance your various commitments and allocate time to each?

E.A: It’s a deliberate effort to allocate time for these. It can be draining at times. but I signed up for this and am ready to do whatever it takes

During your leisure time, what activities or hobbies do you engage in to relax and unwind?

E.A: I watch a lot of Netflix, listen to music, watch comic videos or sleep

Credit: AGYLE/Bernd Brundert

You recently expressed your excitement about participating in this year’s AGYLE program. Could you elaborate on how this opportunity came about and share your overall experience with us?

E.A: I saw the opportunity on social media and applied for it. It was an eye-opener. There are so many intelligent people all over to learn from. Got to network and experience the culture of Germany

Over the years, what valuable life lessons have you learned from your experiences and journey?

E.A: No one owes you anything. The entitlement mentality leaves you thinking that someone is supposed to make your life better. Meanwhile, you have all it takes to go for your goals. You need people but don’t act like they owe you.

Would you encourage aspiring young individuals to follow a path similar to yours?

E.A: Everyone has a unique path to follow in this life. Just identify yours and go for it

 Please explain your reasoning behind your answer.

E.A: It is important to find what you are good at. If not, you will end up living in the shadows of those who are being themselves

What serves as your driving force, motivating you to continue your journey in your respective field?

E.A: The need to be a solution wherever I am. God, My father, My siblings who look up to me for inspiration 

Can you describe any specific challenges you’ve faced in your career and how you overcame them?

E.A: Unemployment. It was a phase but it taught me valuable lessons by doing different jobs to discover my path

Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives you’d like to share with your audience or the public?

E.A: With time, I will share them as I realise them. Currently, I am focused on building the 4 foundations for the mega things to happen in the future by the grace of God.

*In gratitude to Edward Asare for engaging in this enlightening conversation with us.

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