DIY: check out these cute and business-smart ways of repurposing flowers.

Have you ever heard of the saying that Mother Earth’s laughters appears in the form of flowers? Or how about “where flowers bloom, so does hope”. That second one though; absolutely tugs at our heartstrings.

Flowers are so beautiful to us. From wild lavender to the many-coloured petals of bougainvillea; flowers when they bloom are a sight to behold. Here’s the catch: What do you do when the flowers start to wilt? Do you stash it or throw it? You did clip it off for your vase or bouquet for a reason; it’s beauty.

Don’t fret, though, because we’ve got an answer for your dilemma! Apart from using your flowers as bookmarks there are other smart ways of repurposing flowers. By pressing your flowers first, you can even repurpose your bouquet in a cottagecore aesthetic that could make you quite a nice sum of dough. And it’s easy to do.

Check out this amazing and smart Do-It -Yourself technique that repurposes all your dying flowers into something near-everlasting.

Scroll down below:

How to make resin phone cases and pendants.

An amazing and chic way to mark up your OOTD is to add a new touch to it. Resin phone cases and pendants do just that! All you need for the phone cases are flowers, a clear phone case and some resin. With pendants all you need is some resin, a stencil and more flowers. Together you can create and make personalised accessories.

How to make resin flower phone cases:

How to make resin flower pendants:

Happy crafting.





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