Dry your tears: 10 positive perspectives to relationship rejection

Here, take handkerchief. Dry your eyes. Relationship ups and downs come with the territory as we all know. But what about before the relationship? What about courtship? Nowadays, some of the ladies want intentional men. Some of the men want ladies to shoot their shot.

But what if you shoot your shot and you get rejected hard?

This is what happened to a certain mystery lady who made a move on a gentleman on Twitter.

Well, at least she ended up dating a Mr. Travel and Tour chairman. We can only be grateful. We are sure some ladies will consider it a seed-sowing testimony. Oh well, at least, the lady marked up and our friend @oberryhovah isn’t bitter about it (in public. LOL!). Aww, see how being positive pumps you with happy hormones? The tweet brought in some optimistic brothers and sistes.

Here are 10 positive perspectives to relationship rejection.

May you forever see the silver lining, my brothers.

1. Points of views, points of views


2. Be a point of blessing.


3. Treat me well.

4. Mysterious ways


5. Let the church say amen!

6. Someone wants the same favour.

7. He is being positive, Madam.

8. You read right, sister.

9. Breaker of chains, indeed.

10. Amen ooo!


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