5 embarassing situations we can all relate to

Life will slap you with embarrassment at any time. Will you stand firm like a rock? Or will you decide to mull over it with a red table talk?

OK, enough of the jabs. But for real, life can be embarrassing in some of the most relatable ways. Even more so when we experience situations caused by our own ignorance or forgetfulness.

We experience some of the most embarassing things almost on a daily basis but rarely talk about it.

The shame of running out of data at 11pm just when you are getting roasted on your opinion (usually a gender one) on Twitter. Or maybe when you argue incessantly like Tsatsu Tsikata with your friends that Maldives is pronounced “Mal-dives” even when they all tell you it is “Mal-deevs”.

The second-hand embarrassment alone from when Google Voice shows you that they are not your friend is enough to not voice an opinion in the WhatsApp group chat for 12 days.

Don’t blame yourself. It happens to the best of us.

Here are 5 of such annoying situations we all experience but rarely talk about.

1. The Birthday goof.

When someone wishes you happy birthday and you respond with, “Same to you.” Oh, Lord, in heaven, please come and take me now from this place.

2. 10 seconds Amnesia.

When you locked the door and removed that uncomfortable jeans you’ve been wearing all day because beauty is pain. You get yourself all washed down and jump into your warm bed. Take out your phone to binge Young, Famous and African and then a stray thought.

You: Wait oo, did I lock the door?

So now you have to get yourself out of that comfy bed and go to the door again. Only to realize that yes, you indeed locked it.

3. The ‘K’ response.

When someone makes you write a whole essay on WhatsApp in response to how awful they made you feel about their actions or inactions, for that matter. And their response is just “K”. Now you feel like a donkey. Oh, God, the pains. At least they didn’t say “Cry more.”

4. The Invisible Mask

When you smile at someone under your face mask and think they can see it. See it from where, boo? Your eyes or with infra-red?

5. The Realization.

When you finally decided to Google the lyrics to your favourite Black Sherif song and realize you’ve been yarning nonsense for the past 3 months. It is even worse when your junior sister is the one to correct you. And you think you are the hip one in your family. Embarassing.





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