Every new mother must read this!

A superheroine protects and guides you in whatever you do. And that’s what every mother is. Whether you’re new or already in the game.

So congratulations on your graduation to the superheroine league new mum, you now have the powers needed to take on motherhood. You’ll have your down days and will probably be complaining about the rest of your life now, don’t fret though, you’ve got this.  Enjoy your new superpowers:

Super strength

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You’re stronger than you think. You carried a human in you for nine months and pushed with all your strength to get that human out of you. If that does not signify strength, I do not know what does. You’re the reason life continues. Embrace your super strength and use it for your occasional ass whooping.

Super care

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This is where you know you do not put yourself first. You care too much than you ever imagined you would do. You’ll find yourself crying when your baby is in pain, it doesn’t mean you’re weak, it’s your abundant love speaking.

Super finder

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Mummy knows it all, when it’s missing, mummy will find it. You always know where to look. It can get crazy though. Know when to stop finding, we don’t want you to find your choice of partner for your forever baby.

Super versatile

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You’ve got it covered. You run the home and kill it in the office. The greatest multitasker. Bathing, cleaning, cooking, and entertaining your baby. You bring order and stability, you should be proud of yourself.

Super memory

If daddy ever forgets, mum never will. You will always remember your baby’s birthday, your baby’s best friend, the name of your baby’s teacher, and every doctor’s appointment your baby is scheduled for.

A mother’s love is unconditional. GO GO Power Mums!!


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