Follow these 6 steps to delete all your data from Google

Hoping to recover some personal security while on the internet- some privacy? With these six easy steps you could delete all your data from Google.

Keep in mind that Google gathers a ton of data about you — regardless of whether you browse in incognito mode or search anonymously. Do not even get us started on cookies. Yes, Big Brother is always watching.

But we come correct when it comes to Tech advise and we’ve brought you an easy 6-step way to delete your Google data.

So say goodbye to identify theft or worrying about those humiliating photos you took in 2012 with your Blackberry that never seem to vanish from the Internet.

Here’s a six-steps that show you how to remove personal information from Google via the search engine’s request form:

1. Depending on which option you pick, you’ll be asked for more information, such as whether you are requesting the content be removed from Google search results and a website or just the search results, and whether or not you’ve contacted the website owner.

2. From there, specify what type of personal information is showing up in the Google Search.

3. Check the box indicating the content is live (use this form instead if the content has already been removed but is still showing up).

4. Google will ask whether the request pertains to doxxing, which the company defines as “contact information being shared with malicious, threatening, or harassing intent.” However you reply, you’ll need to provide links to the offending website, search results, or picture and give your name, country of residence, and email address.

5. Toward the end of the form, you have the opportunity to share a list of relevant search terms, such as your full name, nicknames, and maiden name. Google will also ask you to share supplementary details before signing and submitting the removal request.

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto





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