#FriyayFashion: your guide to casual chic Friday Looks

It’s Friyaaaay! You know that’s right! It’s Friday, loves, and we can’t wait for for weekend. But before then, you need your pre-weekend fix of what’s chic. Our #FriyayFashion series brings you some of the hip and fun outfits some of your favourite celebs rocked before the weekend.

This edition serves some casual chic-ness and stylish looks for every person in need of some style inspo. In this edition, you’ll find some preppy outfit studs, an Afrocentric-garbed Hiplife legend glamming it hard, a ski mask-wearing Rapper in a phone booth and a bit of a quirky style to get the party started alright. These handpicked style inspiration posts from our favourite celebrities are a catalogue of what to wear to set off that TGIF energy. Let us inspire your style!

Consider this your orientation on casual wear with an edge.

Scroll down for your guide to casual chic looks.

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