Ghana just got listed as one of TIME magazine’s World’s Greatest Places of 2021

Ghana’s capital Accra just got listed among TIME Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places of 2021. The advent of Qatar Airways flights from Doha and United Airlines flights from Washington DC to Ghana has made travel and tourism easy access for any globetrotter.

Shot by Chris Barnes

Accra is almost a Mecca of a destination when it comes to the Diaspora. Home to some of the most infamous slave trade routes, forts and castles, Ghana’s history truly is the history of the before, the then and the after of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It comes us no surprise that every year Ghana’s tourist sites welcomes over 2,000 diasporan visitors who make the pilgrimage to connect and immerse in the relics of the Slave Trade era.

Presently, Ghana is looking to leverage on other idyllic aspects of herself. Ghana invites many to come enjoy its white sand beaches in Busia, green and lush forest reserves in the Bono Region and a culture teeming with varying tribes and customs, among others.

This past year, the first post-pandemic one, witnessed Ghana as a tourist, cultural and entertainment hub. From art shows to musical showcases to world-stage raves, the theme of Christmas in Ghana clearly is one that is wholly recognised within and without the African continent.

Shot by Manolo Demsy

And now the custom of Ghana as a nexus for African art, history and culture is set to take a bigger dimension. World-renowned architect Lesley Lokko and Ghanaian contemporary David Adjaye (you’ve probably heard about him as the genius building the Ghanaian National Cathedral) are set to open the African Futures Institute in Ghana come the end of July. The Institute is set to be one of the continent’s biggest centers for cultivating design talent.

Shot by Danny Wonders

Ghana is well on its way toward earning its nickname as the gateway into the sub-region and for all the right reasons. It is no surprise that TIME Magazine dubbed Ghana as a hub for creativity and culture.





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