Ghana Twitter is dragging Joe Mettle for trying to change the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protests with his tweet and it’s proof that no one is beyond dragging

In case you missed it, September 21st, 2023, saw Ghanaians gather outside the Jubilee House in a peaceful protest organized by Democracy Hub.

The aim was to raise awareness about the country’s persistent economic challenges affecting ordinary citizens.

However, the peaceful demonstration took a dramatic turn as protesters and bystanders were detained by the Ghana Police Service amidst reports of excessive force

In the heat of the unfolding drama, Ghanaian netizen Joojo Suave took to Twitter to call out several Gospel musicians, including renowned artist Joe Mettle, for their apparent lack of empathy and engagement with the situation.

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The tweet urged them not to think that their actions or inactions went unnoticed and questioned whether they would thank God for the state of governance in the country.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Joe Mettle decided to lend his voice to the cause. However, his attempt to address the issue was met with widespread criticism, sparking a communication crisis.

Many Twitter users have accused him of hypocrisy and insensitivity in the face of the protests, especially in contrast to his tweets on social media during the End Sars protest in Nigeria.

Twitterati Takes Action

Ghanaian Twitter users wasted no time expressing their disappointment with Joe Mettle’s response. Some users pointed to biblical references, reminding the artist that even Jesus had taken action against corruption in the past.

They invoked the story of Jesus flipping tables in the temple when it was turned into a marketplace, emphasizing the need for action in addition to prayer.

Others questioned the role of religion in the matter, suggesting that while prayer is essential, addressing the issues required action from leaders rather than relying solely on divine intervention.

And even people on Instagram were unhappy with his sanctimonious stand on the issue

Dear Joe, Please read the room and do proper self-introspection before you tweet cos these are not times.





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