Ghana Twitter reacts to Google adding Ewe and Twi to its Google Translate feature

Tech giant Google has just added Ghanaian languages Ewe and Twi languages to its Google Translate platform. They are two of a total of 24 languages that are part of Google Translate’s latest update. These languages spoken by more than 300 million people include ten languages from Africa.

“For years, Google Translate has helped break down language barriers and connect communities all over the world,” the US-based company said

Google stated that it recognizes that these languages aren’t represented in most technology.

Some of the other languages included in Google Translate’s latest update include Lingala (DRC), Bhojpuri (India) and Tigrinya (Ethiopia).

This move by Google sums the total number of languages available on Google Translate to 133.

Although, Google admits that the technology isn’t perfect this is a novel step towards bridging language gaps. Some polyglots have risen issues with the platform’s language translation features in the past.

“Many supported languages, even the largest languages in Africa that we have supported – say like Yoruba, Igbo, the translation is not great. It will definitely get the idea across but often it will lose much of the subtlety of the language,” Google Translate research scientist Isaac Caswell told the BBC.

“In the end, we have to make the call. And my impression from other people I have talked to was that it was a very positive thing for them,” Mr Caswell added.

We are looking forward to using Google Translate’s new Ewe and Twi update and guessing from tweeps on Twitter, we aren’t the only ones.

Check out some Twitter reactions to the news of Google Translate’s Ewe and Twi update.





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