I don’t know about you, but growing up ruined Christmas. Christmas of a Ghanaian 90s baby.

It’s 23 days to Christmas. What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? The memories of being a child and the abundant meat. No school; just being with family, expecting new shoes and clothes from your parents, eating good food and enjoying some sweet. Although we meet feel a bit too old to feel the Christmas cheer now, we still have memories that keep our Christmas spirit alive.You’re a 90s baby if you saw these during Christmas;

Nine lessons and carols before school vacation
We learnt new Christmas carols and rehearsed the birth of Christ for our nine lessons and Carols.


Shops setting up Christmas decorations
When shops start with their Christmas decorations, we know Christmas is here.


Christmas donation box
If you enter a local saloon and you do not see a box wrapped with Christmas box written on it, then your childhood wasn’t that fun. It’s the season of giving and these vendors will ensure you do the needful.


Knockout and Abonsam tunt3/bomb
Yes, I said knock out and not fireworks and I am not ashamed of that. We had knockouts and abonsam tunt3; and we loved them very much.


Lottery Balloons
This is why I say every child in Ghana has gambled before. You pay, point, your number is revealed and your balloon is given to you. For those who do not believe anyone can win the biggest balloon, my little sister won it once and I had to fight the store owner to give it to her. Trust me, it’s not fun when it’s time to blow, we could not blow that thing with our mouth.

Now when I think Christmas, I think of school fees in our sixty days January and how I do not want to eat too much so I do not grow bigger. This year, I will think of the E-levy too.





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