Ghanaian actress Nana Akua Addo reminds us at Glitz Fashion Week 2021 why she’s the OG haute trendsetter

Ghanaian actress Nana Akua Addo never misses. She is the moment. The German born Ghanaian actress and model is always reinventing her looks and pushing barriers. Nana Akua Addo epitomises what it means to be a fashion icon- and she does it so effortlessly.

She is a reminder of what it means to go against the mould and break out in grand style. You don’t have to get her haute sense of fashion, you just have to gawk and be blown away.

Currently, the statuesque actress is out in all her glory at the Glitz Fashion Week 2021 and she is bring the heat both here in Accra and abroad. Social media, as it almost always goes, saw Nana Akua Addo’s haute look and there was a bit of contention.

Dressed in a lace and toto overall dress by @yartelgh and iced up with jewelry by @sparkles_jewellerygh, Nana Akua Addo brought her shine to this year’s Glitz Fashion Week. Some fashion enthusiasts dared to think she was copying Kim Kardashian with her 2021 Glitz Fashion Week OOTD. But a careful reminder from a Twitter user let them know that Nana Akua Addo is the OG trendsetter.

Nana Akua Addo has been slaying since before that tape in the 2000s.

A big believer in strewing kaleidoscope fabrics, flouncy dresses, body-melding model wear and avante garde ingredients, Nana Akua Addo reminds us always why she is vanguard Queen worth of the Event Influencer of the year. Heck, she is the event. And this time she brought her little princesses along to show out.

Clearly, the fashion style is simple hereditary. Absolutely *chef’s kiss*.

If you have a taste for the experimental in fashion then take a gander through her Instagram here.

In the mean time, here are 8 reactions to Ghanaian actress Nana Akua Addo’s 2021 GLITZ Fashion Week OOTD.

1. She been on one for a while now.

2. I mean….

3. She charted the path.

4. Always.

5. I know that’s right.

6. Easy. Breezy. No Makeup Girl.

7. Now this point though..

8. As she needed.





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