Meet Deborah Acquah the Ghanaian who just won the American Women’s Long Jump Competition

Congratulations to Deborah Acquah. Ghanaian Long Jumper Deborah Acquah has just set a new record. Acquah’s record-setting 6.89m (+0.07) in the women’s long jump has garnered her the first rank on the continent and the world.

The twenty-five year old surpassed her previous national record of 6.81m set. She broke the 14-year old national record of Ruky Abdulai which was set in 2007.

This milestone qualifies Deborah Acquah this year’s World Athletics Championships, Commonwealth Games, Africa Games and World University Games.

In August 2019, Acquah competed at the 2019 African Games in Rabat and won a silver medal for Ghana with a jump of 6.37m in the Women’s Long Jump.

Acquah is a long/triple athlete for Texas A&M University, America.

Ghanaians posted their congratulations for Deboarah Acquah’s achievements on Twitter.

Check them below:

Congratulations, Deborah. We can’t wait to see what new heights you’ll leap to.





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