Ghanaian youths share their inspiring come-up stories through the Twitter hashtag #BeWayMoreYou

The world has its ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like the odds are forever not in your favour. It is worse still when it feels like your own friends are not even keen on helping you.

A post on Twitter by handle @the_marcoli_boy highlighted how their hustle on social media, which was chastised before, has turned into it a life-saver. He posted this.

KalyJay, a popular social media influencer, commented by reiterating how vital it is to never quit in whatever endeavour you are in. He ended his motivational tweet with the hashtag #bewaymoreyou.

Promptly, KalyJay’s tweet inspired a bevy of testimonies from others on Twitter. Each one sharing their inspirational come-up story.

We love hearing about young people striving and attaining their goals. Inspirational stories like these motivate and push us to carry on being the best version of our selves that we can be.

Here are 12 inspiring #bewaymoreyou Twitter stories from Ghanaian youths.

1. Harvest the effort of your toil.

2. Perseverance.

3. Won’t He do it?

4. Now they want tuts.

5. We are proud of you too.

6. Celebrate the barber.

7. Follow your passion.

8. Be yourself.

9. Go against the norm and watch them follow you.

10. Insha Allah.

11. Breaking the stereotype.

12. Elevation.





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