Ghanaians are never getting over these 6 ‘weird’ food habits

How weird are you? Your answer will probably be “Not so weird”. If you’re Ghanaian there are probably certain traits you have that many will consider weird.

Example, being able to have a whole conversation using the ad-libs ‘Herh!’, ‘Eh?’ ‘Eih!’ or ‘Eh-heh!’. One of our favourite weird things about Ghanaians is when we call TV series ‘seasonal-movies’.

You probably don’t realize it but you’re kind of quirky. Maybe in the way you dress. Maybe in the way you talk. But bottomline: embrace that weirdness and go against the mould.

If you love being weird like we do then you’ll probably relate to these weird food and eating habits Ghanaians exhibit.

Here are 8 weird eating habits that Ghanaians will never get over.

Dipping bread in tea like it’s soup.

Dipping bread in tea

I mean, if you didn’t do this as a kid then did you even truly enjoy breakfast growing up? The flavour from the Richoco-soaked bread makes it all the more scrumptious. Try it out with sugar bread today.

Using rotten fish “momoni” to make the best Garden Eggs stew

Momoni in Garden Egg stew

We need to interrogate who discovered momoni as a cooking ingredient. Who came up with the idea to use fermented fish to make the tastiest Garden eggs stew the world has ever seen? They deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their service to mankind.

The main ingredient of Nantwie 3bin nkwan.

Nantwie 3bin nkwan (Cow dung soup)

Cow dung. In soup? We know, we know what you’re going to say but don’t knock it till you try it. Nantwie 3bin nkwan with fufu is a Ghanaian killer chow combo. You just might end up licking your finger after.

Eating Shile (white bentonite clay)

Shile AKA Ayilo (white bentonite clay)

A favourite among Ghanaian pregnant women, shile is one of those things that we don’t understand how it became a thing but it just is. Maybe it’s the earthy smell. Maybe it’s the taste. Either way, it finds its place on our list.

Eating wele (cow hide)

Wele stew

Waakye and wele are Ghana’s peanut butter and jelly. They just go together- naturally. Now, many people beyond Ghana may not get why we eat wele since it has no nutritional value. But wele stew with some Hajia Rukaya waakye on an early Saturday morning will change your destiny. No cap.

Eating Kanzo

Kanzo – scorched rice.

In Ghana, Kanzo is the scorched under parts of cooked rice. I don’t even know why anyone else would think kanzo is weird but here we are. If you ask us, the hardened and crispy taste of funeral jollof kanzo needs to become a seasoning flavour.





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