Girlfoodie shares her top picks for budget-friendly places to chow at this V-Day

Red dress pressed and tapered, stilettos set, coffied hair sleek and slick and a touch of flowery body mist; this lady is set and bodied for Valentine Date Night.

One of our favourite parts of Valentine’s Day, apart from the chocolates, is eating out for date night. Who doesn’t love great food? And in Ghana where we take Valentine world cup, the places to eat at add a dash of their own spice for the day.

We’ve been gallivanting all over Accra for a great place for Valentine Date Night. There is so much to choose from and so little time to settle on. So we decided to go to the lady with the eye and taste for the finer and affordable places (because Payday isn’t till next wo weeks) for this year’s 14th of February.

Girlfoodie is a guru when it comes to fine taste and telling. Her Instagram page is a smorgasbord of delicious delight. We’d run out of adjectives if we had to tell you all about her. So we’ll direct you right here.

Girlfoodie gave us the inside scoop of where to eat and chill at this V-Day, all budget-friendly.

Whether you’re starting out in your relationships, have been at it for ages or are a married couple looking to rekindle old delights of loves, this quick list is for you, mi amour.

Buckle up and let’s take a gander with Girlfoodie to these fine places to chow out at this V-Day.

Places to eat at for Star-crossed Lovers:

Couple goals? Like to twin it up on IG and Twitter? These places are for you.   

East End Bistro.

Girlfoodie: If you are looking for a cozy vibe, might I recommend East End Bistro. Yes, the new restaurant at East Cantoments is perfect. The lights are dim, the cocktails are just the right blend of naughty and kick and affordability is assured. For two people I would say max GHC250-GHC350 should be fine.

Citrus Lounge – East Legon

Girlfoodie: I would also recommend Citrus at East Legon . One of my favorite places to get sea food. Cozy vibes too perfect for setting the mood right before an intimate night. Ghc 250-Ghc400 (seafood can spike your bill).

Places for Married Couples 

So you’ve had your ups and downs and you liked it so you both put a ring on it. These places are your treats.

Esuro Roots Apartment Hotel.

Girlfoodie: Nothing refreshing like dinner on a roof top. Nice get away from the kids if you have any, stress from work etc. Good food while gazing over Accra is just the spontaneity you need. GHC250-GHC300 is an average bill guage.

Thé Mix Design Hub

Girlfoodie: Art, good food and views in one place. That’s all I’ll say. A bit on the high side but still affordable and worth it. Not too crowded. GHC300-GHC350 is ample.

Talking Stage 

It’s still a situationship and that’s alright. Take it easy, baby. Take it cool. No rush. These chill and sublime places are where you can continue to figure each other out.

Soul Restaurant & Bar

Girlfoodie: A casual yet classy vibe. Perfect for talking stage dates. Plus their seafood menu is chef’s kiss. GHC200-GHC300 is well enough. But take extra dough for the cocktails. You and beau will want more than one.

Capitol Café & Restaurant

Girlfoodie: I will look for any chance to add Capitol to a list. Love this place. One? Just because! Two, the food and ambiance. Three, that open kitchen is heavenly as the aroma of sizzling tender sirloin just wafts. GHC300-GHC350 is reasonable, methinks.

Foodies and Epicurean Couples 

Couples who like to bamba? Couples who ARE the Big Boys? These are your food shrines.

Girlfoodie: This might be a tough one because luxury in Accra = packaging and AC+over priced food for the most parr. But these restaurants are easily two of my favourite when I want to treat myself to something prime and Michelin Star-worthy. The less said the better. Just go and experience their delicacy delights.

Bistro 22

Girlfoodie: That wine bar is definitely not there just for show. GHc400- GHC500 is a righteous budget to plan.


Girlfoodie: Treat you and yours to an experience of food art at Bondai. Get Mediterranean with it and a bit Japanese if youre feeling frisky. GHC400-GHC500 is a cursory amount to budget here too.





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