Glam Gestures: Peace Hyde is Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Month

Peace Hyde is Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Month. Glamour is without a doubt the Jekyll to Peace’s Hyde and we adore it. The lady is simply gorgeous and glamorous. Peace Hyde is a well-rounded lady about her business. No, literally! The Award-winning journalist and Emcee is a producer, an actress, an entrepreneur and also an activist. It comes as no surprise that Glamour is listing her as their superwoman of the month.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Hyde is of Ghanaian descent. While many may recognize her by her role on MTVBase’s Shuga, Hyde is socially regarded for her charitable work with Aim Higher. Aim Higher is a non-profit founder by Peace Hyde which seeks to improve and enhance education in under-resourced African communities. Currently, a lead West African correspondent for Forbes Magazine, Peace Hyde is dedicated to showcasing the many positive images of Africa that is globally misinterpreted. Hers is a resumé built on the principles of observation, investigation and proffering solutions. It’s no surprise considering she first started out as a Chemistry, Physics and Biology teacher in the UK before transitioning to media!

Peace Hyde is presently working with Netflix to develop a new reality show called Young, Famous and African. The true-telling series puts the focus on young aspirational Africans, their lives and their relationships. A true Pan-african with the spirit of African enrichment, Peace Hyde is agitating the scene with her positive point of view. For her, the best people are those who, like her, refuse to give up on their dreams or conform to the status quo. Save the date. Peace Hyde’s latest show Young, Famous and African comes to Netflix in 2022.





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