Gyakie peaks at 13.5M streams on Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped

2021 has been amazing year for budding Ghanaian songbird Gyakie. Her debut single Forever garnered 12 million views on YouTube and doubled up with 21 million views with a remix version featuring Omah Lay.

The 22-year old is definitely having her breakout and we love to see it.

Gyakie posted her year in review stats as complied on music-streaming platform Spotify. Spotify Wrapped is where listeners get a deep dive into their streaming statistics and most memorable listening moments of the year.

Gyakie’s music made a memorable mark with her streaming numbers maxing up to 13.5 million streams across 177 countries.

As if that wasn’t enough. Gyakie’s Forever was also the most Shazamed song in Nigeria.

We love to see it. Gyakie posted her appreciation with a tweet to commemorate the feat.

We are absolutely proud of how far Gyakie has come and looking forward to more big feats from her.

You can take a dive into Gyakie’s music here.





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