Hair inspo: 6 4c hair-dos to try as seen on high fashion model Dede Mansro

Ghanaian-born fashion model Dede Mansro is androgynous Afrocentric royalty. Mansro’s portfolio includes covering Vogue Italia and walking for high fashion brands such Bottega and Jacquemus. This lady is hot and haute on the heels of some of the world’s most sensational fashion runways. Can we talk about her angling when it comes to posing for photos?

Dede Mansro photographed by Tyrone Lebon for Bottega

Those cheek bones are a gift from her parents and the Motherland. Truly, making Ghana proud in every chic way

We scoured pretty extensively through Mansro’s Instagram feed. Her Instagram was surprisingly less glossy and more personal- reminded us of Instagram from 2016. Absolutely love.

Her selfies are moody and cinematic and her pictures about town are some of the most candid we’ve seen on a high fashion model.

Mansro’s photos are just effortlessly sultry. She often looks like she’s just relaxing (or caught mid-motion), which allows her to sidestep looking contrived or stiff. And the only thing bested by this golden trait is her hair choices. They are mostly Afrocentric, but Mansro always finds a way to keep them either kinky or in a variety of easy-to-do hairdos.

Dede Mansro is undeniably our hair inspo for the week.

So without further ado here are 6 4c hairdo inspirations to try as seen on Dede Mansro.

1. The Simple Afro

When it doubt, leave your hair out. A simple wash and dry is all it takes. Apply shea butter/coconut oil to keep your hair lush and moist. Add an afro comb to detangle your hair knots and you’re good to go.

2. Bantu Knots

Dede’s facial features pop out with the tried and tested style. Bantu knots are small coiled buns, so you don’t have to worry about tangling your hair with this fun style. Plus, it keeps your hair up and away from getting caught in your eyes.

3. Bob Box Braids with beads

The majority of the time we see long box braids, but why not take a reel out of Mansro’s page and try a bob? This ultra-popular length is flattering on so many face shapes. Plus, those added beads are a fine touch, don’t you think?

4. Finger waves

First and foremost, can we talk about how these finger waves are on another haute level? If you’re looking for a hairdo for your short hair that makes a statement then we suggest trying out this look. It’s classic. It looks refined. And plus it is sultry. You’ll definitely have the men (and some of the women) turning heads.

5. 90s Updos

OK, now this one is retro and a whole vibe. The 90s are slowly making a comeback and it’s best to be ahead of the gang before you look like a copycat. You’ll need to find a seasoned hairdresser to get you this 90s updo crown.

6. Smoky-Grey kinky Afro

Who says you need to be old to be grey? Play with your hair with an unconventional colour and a youth hairstyle like a kinky and twisted afro as seen on Dede Àhere. You want to stand out after all, don’t you?





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