Hair Treasure: Joselyn Dumas is our corn row hair muse and here are 10 photos why

Happy new month, beautiful people.  Yes, we get that it’s already 8 days since November appeared on the calendar but it’s still pretty new.

With a new month comes the new you. And what better way than with a new hairdo? Right?? Right??

We also understand how crazy the economy has been but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t splurge or invest in your hair. Speaking of hair and economizing, we strongly advise that you put down the wigs for a while and invest in your natural hair, especially cornrows.

Joselyn Dumas

And do not listen to the propaganda going around that natural hair can not be presentable or kept well. There are actually several options you can try when it comes to natural hair and its styling.

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While we are still speaking, we’d like to place the spotlight on none other than Ghanaian sweetheart, media personality and actress Joselyn Dumas.

A ‘naturalista’ at heart, her Instagram is gradually becoming a natural girl’s mood board and it’s a delight to see how she weaves her braid into any look and it works perfectly. (Talk about versatility and that shiny forehead)

The Glamour Girls actress is our hair muse and for all the versatile cornrow styles she blesses us with on the internet, we have no doubt you’ll also fall in love with them.

We’ve carefully rummaged through Joselyn Dumas’ Instagram page and selected all the iconic ways she’s pulled these looks and how they can inspire your natural cornrow journey. It’s *chef’s kiss*

We really are loss for words; it’s fantastic

Bringing in the new month with another stunner

Just being a cutie

It’s so versatile you can work out with it

Or catching a business lunch

Cornrows will always win at the end of the day

Even on vacation cornrows have no match

A Car Drive with this look won’t hurt no one

Having lunch by the river and wearing this look also works perfectly fine





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