Happy birthday Juliet Ibrahim: 5 reasons why we believe she’s the coolest Girl Boss

One of the most breathtakingly gorgeous Ghanaian actresses of all time is celebrating her birthday today the 3rd of March.

Happy birthday to the ever-gorgeous Juliet Ibrahim. A-Listers Magazine sure got it right when they ranked her as the “Most Beautiful West African Woman”.

Her age? As far as we’re concerned she’s 26. And has been 26 for over a decade and that’s that.

See? She said it herself. 26 years old, please. Don’t ask again.

The 4play star-actress and Entrepreneur just dropped a picture on her Instagram feed to remind us just how much of a Girl Boss she is.

Absolutely ravishing as always.

To commemorate Juliet Ibrahim, we list down 5 reasons why we believe Juliet Ibrahim is a Girl Boss.

1. She writes.

Yes, that’s right. Miss Juliet Ibrahim isn’t always acting she’s also writing. Juliet Ibrahim’s debut as an author came in the form of her book A Toast To Life. Its a tell-all about the ups and downs of Juliet’s life, her start, her pitfalls, her progress and her now.

2. She inspires.

Juliet Ibrahim is out there changing the narrative for women who believe they are down and out. You can achieve so much more without having to lose yourself along the way, and Miss Juliet Ibrahim is a testament of that. She’s an activist and a role model and that in of itself is something to aspire towards.

3. She is brainy

At this point we should make her middle name Headwina cause the lady get head. She is smart and eloquent with her chase for more success. Juliet Ibrahim is all about bettering herself to the max. Don’t you just adore a lady who’s all about optimising her skills?

4. She’s got an entrepreneurial spirit

Damn right! Juliet Ibrahim is a Big Boss certified CEO. She runs her own cosmetic business that caters to ladies looking for the best eyelashes and skincare regiment for all skin types. You can check that out here.

5. She slays.

Is there ever a doubt? Juliet Ibrahim just gives us flawless fashion looks back to back. You doubt it? Just take a gander through her IG feed. The first few fashion inspo photos are enough to fill up a September Vogue issue.

Bottomline: Juliet is that It Girl and we celebrate her. Happy birthday, Juliet Ibrahim. We can’t wait to see what amazing achievements you’ll pull out of your hat next.





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