Happy birthday to fashion icon Sister Derby who celebrates her 38th birthday today

Happy birthday to the ever-radiant Sister Derby. Fashion icon and trendsetter Sister Derby celebrates her 38th birthday today (August 25th). 38! This queen probably has the Fountain of Youth in her backyard cause…what?! We need the skincare routine and we don’t want to hear anything about drinking lots of water.

The self-styled African mermaid celebrated her day by posting a video of friends and colleagues sharing their thoughts and well-wishes.

They shared in her joy with some of the most thoughtful compliments of her work ethics. And after seeing her body of work over the years, we wholeheartedly agree. Thank you, Sister Derby, for Uncle Obama.

A Jill-of-Many-trades, Sister Derby is that It Girl who breaks her back to create some of the most eccentric and compelling art. From looks to music to art concepts, she’s the pin-up idol Ghana never knew it needed.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re mad over Sister Derby’s fashion serves here at BraPerucci. She’s a creative who never fails to glow effortlessly as always. An icon who’s every fashion look is a statement.

And to celebrate her 38th milestone we decided to share 10 of our favourite looks from Sister Derby.

Scroll below to view beautiful visions of Sister Derby’s iridescent aesthetic.

From us here at BraPerucci, we wish you nothing more than the happiest of birthdays. Happy birthday, Sister Derby.





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