Senseability: 10 everyday signs of intelligence that people confuse with stupidity

Remember back when parents wanted us to sit in class and not play football? *sigh* See how the times change.

Being intelligent has always been the goal when it comes to parents and their wards in school. Being intelligent has always been the goal outside school. Period.

However, there are different types of intelligence. Just because someone is not linguistically intelligent does not mean they are logically unintelligent.

The Twitter page of the Morning Brew, an online business news platform, tweeted a question which brought in a lot of response.

The comments were certainly insightful. Take note. You just might learn something new like we did.

Here are 10 signs of intelligence that  people confuse with stupidity.

1. The brain is on hyperdrive

2. Being nuanced is now considered unintelligent?

3. We can’t even speak our mind in peace.

4. We live and we learn.

5. I can’t be a SJW.

6. Should be easy to say but alas.

7. Because we are dynamic beings.

8. Context highlights content

9. Ask away.

10. I talk to myself shamelessly.





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