Here’s 7 photos that show why we fell in love with model Adelaide Somuah’s poses

If you love taking pictures as much as we do then you know why poses are important in getting that IG-worthy photo.
It can get awkward after a while having to adjust to the whims and caprices of photographers.

But Adelaide Somuah (@just.addie) is a model who knows her way in front of a lens. She’s drop-dead gorgeous.

A cursory look through her Instagram will show you why we believe her poses are fierce.

Here are 8 photos that show why we fell in love with model Adelaide Somuah’s poses.

1. About Town.

2. Divine thoughts.

3. Wider.

4. Leggo!

5. That jacket though.

6. African delight.

7. Sister Fierce

8. Princess in red





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