Google opens new AI Research Centre in Accra, Ghana

Google opened its Artificial Intelligence (AI) research laboratory in Accra, Ghana in 2019. The first of its kind on the African continent, the lab has been developing solutions in agriculture, education and health care.

When it first launched Moustapha Cisse, the head of the centre, stated, “If AI is to improve lives and reduce inequalities, we must build expertise beyond the present-day centers of innovation… that will require widening of the locations where AI is done. The vast majority of experts are in North America, Europe and Asia. Africa, in particular, is barely represented.”

PHOTO Google AI Research Centre Accra, Ghana BY IG/@flickartstudios

While for the most part the Google AI Research Centre has been improving lives under the radar the laboratory just opened a new red-gold-green office premises that’s gotten Ghana Twitter chattering- well, tweeting.

Let’s just say, the revamp finally feels like Google has finally settled in. The decor is authentically Ghanaian with mahogany panels, wax textile wall-clocks and cane-woven room partitions highlighted by the colours of the Ghanaian flag. It’s an exquisite blend of culture meets contemporary.

PHOTO Google AI Research Centre Accra, Ghana BY IG/@flickartstudios

The design was made by South African-based architects Boogertman & Partners and constructed by Ghanaian-based contractors KH3 Group Limited. Their rich construction portofilo in Ghana’s Airport City enclave speaks for itself with other heavy brands such as Nestlé, Pernod Ricard and Norfund under their belt.

PHOTO Google AI Research Centre Accra, Ghana BY IG/@flickartstudios

The first-ever photos of Google’s AI Centre were taken by lifestyle photographer Agyemang Duah Kweku Jr. of Flickartstudios. You can see more of his vibrant work here.

PHOTO Google AI Research Centre Accra, Ghana BY IG/@flickartstudios

Ghana Twitter is gushing over Google’s new base in Accra. And we are of the same positive mind. Absolutely beautiful.

Scroll down to check our Ghana Twitter reactions to Google’s AI Research Centre in Accra, Ghana.

We look forward to the amazing talents and breakthrough innovations of Google’s AI Research Centre right here in the heart of Accra, Ghana.


Project Manager: Mace
Architect: Boogertman + Partners Architects
MEP Engineer: WSP
Sustainability Consultant: Urban Green
Contractor: KH3 Group Limited





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