Here’s how you can increase your testosterone levels without having to hit the gym

Hey, you. Yes, you. Are you constantly tired? Foggy memory? Maybe you’re regularly in a bad mood or constantly unmotivated to take actions that fulfil your ambitions? Then your testosterone levels may be low and you need to boost them.

Low testosterone in males is common than many people realize and even commoner as you grow older. The symptoms can be subtle, but there is treatment available if the symptoms affect your lifestyle.

As a man why do you need testosterone?

Simply because testosterone is the life force of every man. Testosterone makes you:

• Driven.

• Energetic.

• More alert.

With testosterone you can focus better, chase your dreams while living your best life, be it socially or sexually.

When you hear talk about increasing testosterone levels it usually revolves around hitting the gym. But not everyone has the time to lift weights every three or four days.

Not to worry. There are easy hacks to increasing your testosterone levels that don’t need you to break a sweat. Scroll down to find out how.

Sleep 7-9 hours daily.

You may not know this but sleep is a natural steroid. A 2011 study, by University of Chicago showed that sleep loss drastically lowers testosterone levels in young men. Prioritise your sleep and witness your vigor bounce back like never before.

Get more sunlight.

There’s a reason why men that work in the fields tend to be stronger, faster and less prone to disease. The answer is the planet’s best disinfectant and stimulant- the Sun. Get outside more and expose yourself to Vitamin D. You’ll not only boost your immune system but also optimize physical performance and improve your mental health.

Eat grass-fed meat

Grass-fed meat is rich in dietary cholesterol which is one of the building blocks of testosterone. Apart from its rich taste, grass-fed meat is also packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium. Enrich your testosterone levels with a grass-fed meat meal today.

Meditation or Journaling your experiences

Low testosterone and high stress levels almost always go hand in hand. Stress can sometimes motivate or demoralise. To keep your cortisol levels in check try exercises that reduce stress. We encourage meditation exercises or journaling your experiences. These are time-proven calming techniques that relieve you of stress.

Drink less alcohol.

Alcohol interferes with the testes gland which is responsible for the production of testosterone. Plus, alcohol ruins sleep quality. It is literally a testosterone killer. Reduce your alcohol intake. Drink less of it. Much less. And your testosterone levels will soar.

Eat nuts and fruits.

Yes, get nutty with it. Nuts such as cashew and almonds are a rich source of zinc and omega 3 fatty-acids. Citrus fruits are also a great source of Vitamins that boost testosterone production. If you ever have the munchies then be sure to choose nuts or fruits as your ideal cheat food. P. S: nuts such as cola nut and tiger nuts have been known to be very, very effective aphrodisiacs. (Ahem!) Just saying.





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