Here’s what’s hot this Summer with TalensiGh’s fashion staples

Summer is just about the corner and to kick-start the heat we’re going to be covering some of our fave must-have collections. Yes, Ghanaian fashion brands that are killing and giving it. What is It? The It Factor- the haute heat is what.

And we are starting it off with one of Ghana’s own; TalensiGh. To say we are obsessed is an understatement. Batik and tulle designs? 100% yes!

TalensiGh came to our attention while we were skirting across the IG feed of Ghanaian travel and lifestyle influencer Ohemaa Travel and Lifestyle. She served us a reel of her day out about Accra in a fancy TalensiGh ensemble and we were hooked.

We took a skip over to TalensiGh and found even more of their statement-making dresses which are just perfect for summer noons and dinners.

TalensiGh are an attainable luxury womenswear brand founded by fashion and beauty entrepreneur, Sandi Owusu. The magical formula to Talensi’s success is that they source every material- batik, tie and dye, bead, raffia, bamboo or embroidery right here in the North of Ghana. This fusion of culture and contemporary fashion makes Talensi’s threads some of the chicest and dignified choices for the season.

If you’re worried about the heat then rest easy. TalensiGh produces some of the most airy and comfortable pieces and gorgeous prints for the summer. You won’t break a sweat while you serve real hotness in a Talensi piece.

Looking for something Ghanaian yet contemporary for to add to your shopping cart this summer? Then it’s definitely TalensiGh. Whether you’re a working lady or a woman about her casual day out in the sun, this is a Ghanaian fashion brand to keep in mind.

Check out some of TalensiGh’s summer offerings below.

Walk into Talensi Atelier today at No. 20 Koi Street, Accra or shop on their Etsy page here.





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