How #BlackOutEid Became A Social Media Moment.

It’s a melanated Eid and we are here for it.

You must have noticed the hashtag #BlackOutEid trending on Twitter. You know Muslims are celebrating Eid today but why the phrase ‘Black Out’? We explain.

It started out as the Eid Selfie, a trend where black Muslims took to social media to share a selfie of their celebration of Eid. It was meant to portray the rich culture and fashion that the religion possesses as well as help connect black Muslims to each other all over the world.

The Eid Selfie, however, was not able to fully accomplish its mission of contributing to promote a positive image of Muslims worldwide since the racial, cultural and ethnic diversity was not fully translated and protrayed by the hashtag.

Then came #BlackOutEid. Crooned by Aamina Mohammed, a Muslim producer and screenwriter, and inspired by the popular hashtag, #BlackOutDay, it has the aim of helping Black Muslim fashion assimilate and be welcomed into the religion. She encourages fellow black Muslims to share their traditions, clothing and culture, with the same intensity as Non-black Muslims.

It is now more than a hashtag. It is a movement. A movement and a community that allows black Muslims who battle both Islamophobia and Racism against black people to bind their faith and the color of their skin, without seeing the two as different things.





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