How to succeed at a startup


Working at a startup isn’t fun and games. You really want this baby you birthed to succeed. Part of working in a startup world is that you learn from your mistakes and that of others. You identify why some companies fell flat and make sure you avoid such blunders. It is normal to want to quit after about 2 months, but you should not. Know this.

Startups can be frustrating

You will constantly feel the urge to quit because you feel like you do not even know what you are doing again at a certain point. It is worse when you are a perfectionist and things do not seem to go your way.

The leader’s values are important

You really do not want to have a leader that is interested in looking and living like your startup has already succeeded. A leader with a nasty ego is likely to collapse the business. The focus should be on focusing on what customers want and not how the leader wants to feel.

What you do at the beginning changes as you grow

As the startup grows, the approaches you used initially tend to change to. You should be able to adapt. Don’t get comfortable with the old way of doing things if you really want to see your business succeed . Job roles might change.

There are no defined roles

If it will solve a problem and you can do it, you do it. There should be nothing like “it is not my job”. However, very important roles should be owned to ensure someone is responsible for accomplishing certain tasks. If no one owns a role, work done will not be a hundred percent. The team is working collectively for a similar goal; the success of the startup.

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