Hubtel is trending on Ghana Twitter and it’s all because of beans

Twitter timelines are usually swamped with tweets, retweets and threads from hundreds of users sharing their thoughts, opinions or experiences. It is easy to get lost in some of these threads. Especially, relationship threads. Who doesn’t love a bit of bad romance gist?

However, for the past few weeks there’s been one consistent post that it seems everyone on Ghana Twitter can’t shake off their timeline. It’s a post from the Twitter handle of E-Commerce platform Hubtel. And you would not believe what the post is about; VIP Gob3. Hubtel is known for the most part for offering an e-commerce platform for electronics, auto and industrial supplies and even books. It would seem they’ve added a new service and it is local cuisine, such as Gob3.

Hubtel Gob3 Twitter Ad

Plantains and beans, popularly known as Gob3, is a Ghanaian staple meal. Deep-fried plantains, boiled beans topped with onion-flavoured palm oil and sprinkled gari, a slight hint of pepper and a side of a hardboiled egg (or two) are a food combo that will keep your body’s engine on for longer. Unless you’re a ruminant (like I am) gob3 for breakfast is enough to get you through the day without even needing lunch. And as for the taste? Well, Hubtel says they offer access to the best gob3 in town with their local food delivery service.

Hubtel’s Gob3 ad has been the talk of Twitter for the past few days. The platform has spammed Ghana Twitter with their Gob3 ad that now everyone is looking to try out this special Gob3 of theirs (if only to not see the ad again). Word on the street is the Gob3 is from a special eatery somewhere inside Pig Farm called Lebene’s. Either way, we’ve seen more than enough of the Gob3 ad and so has Ghana Twitter.

Here are some hilarious posts from Ghana Twitter about Hubtel’s ‘VIP’ Gob3.

Looks like we have a positive review:

We just might have to try this Hubtel VIP Gob3 after all.





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