Ibrahim Mahama’s Red Clay Studios has public contemporary art exhibition

Celebrated Ghanaian author and contemporary artist Ibrahim Mahama has been in the limelight this past week. First for his appointment as artistic director at The International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC). Congratulations, Ibrahim Mahama, making Ghana proud, as always.

And now, Red Clay Studio, his art studio, is finally opening his doors for yet another superb contemporary art exhibition. The free entry exhibit is aimed at giving local art lovers access to view and experience contemporary art from all over the world. News of Red Clay Studios’ open house was tweeted via Ibrahim Mahama’s official Twitter handle.

Amongst the public collection included Non-Orientable Nkansa and Fragments art installations by Ibrahim Mahama himself.

Mahama is renowned for his installations and wall-based art that utilises cloth bags, recycled wood and cocoa jute bags.

Red Clay Studios’ public exhibition is one we are looking forward to as it presents audiences the opportunity to explore both homegrown and international contemporary artists.

Guessing from tweeps we aren’t the only ones keen on Red Clay Studios’ public collection.

Red Clay Studios is located on the Nanton Road after Jena, Tamale, Northern Region.





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