10 Iconic African songs that every Ghanaian must recognize

The beauty of music is that it can transcend borders, languages and cultures. It is the one language that people of all walks of life can agree on. Especially, when it is good music. Ofori Amponsah, Mzbel and Freddy Meiway. What do these three have in common? Sheer iconic musical power is what. Need a reminder? Some classic Freddy Meiway to set the jam alight always does the job.

A Twitter thread decided to just highlight this very fact. The Twitter handle by name of @ahoshiiii canvassed a playlist of West Africa’s finest musical nostalgia and we could not agree more with how fire it is.

These songs from different African nationalities were and may still be a veritable part of many Ghanaian childhood. The playlist unlocked memories that even we forgot that we had.

Here are ten iconic African songs that every Ghanaian must recognize.

1. An absolute continent anthem.

2. Freddy Meiway the Francophone Loverboy

3. The go-to tune for choreography dances on Our Day.

4. Easily Tuface’s most iconic song.

5. MzBel tore the chain on this one.

6. High school jams never peaked unless this one came on.

7. Flavour revived all our waist powers with this hit.

8. Thank you, Ofori Amponsah. Suddenly everyone dawged canned tuna for Sardines. Thank you very much.

9. Look, the chokehold that Davido’s Dami Duro had on us.

10. Fuse was that OG that literally blew up a whole Ghanaian music genre international.





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