If you are a single man in Ghana, these are some other meals to try and leave ‘Indomie’ alone

Single men in Ghana are really going through it in these tough times.  It’s either they’re eating noodles for breakfast or having it for lunch the same day and as dinner. 

They know all the best and worst noodle joints in their neighbourhoods which is really crazy if you ask us. (but no one asking all the same)

Also, it’s the only food they know how to cook perfectly aside from boiling water and sometimes Braised rice a.k.a (Angwa Mo)

On this episode ‘Wise Op’, we’ve decided to dedicate this listicle to giving you new food ideas because you deserve to eat balanced diets even if Addo Dee won’t let you be great.

Here are 10 Ghanaian meals you can learn how to cook easily

Beans Stew 

FYI!!! Beans stew is different from Gob3

Jollof Rice

Baby steps but you can try jollof rice too. We didn’t say boil the white rice and mix it with the stew. For God’s sake, we are not the Green and white flag people. (Nobody mentioned Nigerians in this article)


All those muscles shouldn’t go to waste after all. Banku needs a lot of manpower and who else than you?? so here you go.


This will definitely not taste like the neighbourhood nighttime snack but at least you can try making it. Just add more ginger and pepper before frying it.


We really don’t want to see any more WhatsApp statuses or updates about Hajia not coming to work after Salah so here’s a link on how to cook it yourself.

Omo Tuo and Groundnut Soup 

You really can do this white rice thing already and since you have those muscles you just need the willpower to turn the rice to balls. Here’s a recipe 

Egg Fried Rice

Yam and Egg Stew

Boiled Yam and Egg Stew with Pear
Credit: @yayra.cooks

Yam is easy to cook especially if you finally escape the peeling part. Boil it with salt and in case you are feeling adventurous, add sugar for taste. Since you already know how to fry egg, add it to your tomato stew.


All you need is eggs, flour, butter and a little oil to cook.

Light Soup 

This will come in handy, especially on days when you are broke.





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