If you’re an introvert these 6 easy-to-do things will build your confidence

Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. Introverts simply feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and spending less time with people. And that’s just okay. Enjoying one’s own company is a great resource for building self-care.

However, if you want to build confidence- defeat the anxiety that comes with being in public spaces and in front of public faces then you need these 6 easy-to-do steps that will build and boost your confidence.

Here are 6 easy-to-do things that will build your confidence.

1. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Most introverts will easily prefer blending into crowds as opposed to standing out in them. Do not do this if you’re looking to build your confidence. Different is a challenge and challenges make better men and women.

2. Leave your comfort zone

As long as you’re out of your comfort zone, you’ll be poised to tackle obstacles that’ll aid in character development. You won’t grow if you stay in your comfort zone.

3. Don’t be a pushover

Being kind is not a flaw. But being a pushover is. If you’re looking to please everybody, you won’t get far. You want people that respect you and not sycophants. Show kindness to those that deserve it, and not everyone.

4. Work on your appearance.

There’s nothing elss like fashion to wrap you up in a bough like the gift you’re growing to be. You don’t need to go overboard but groom yourself and dress smart for the appropriate occasion.

5. Work on your body language.

Posture and poise are key to building your confidence. Stand tall, head held high and shoulders squared. This will help you to look more confident as opposed to anxious and unnerved.

6. Work on how you speak.

How you communicate determines whether you’ll be, first, listened to and, second, comprehended.

Take your time to speak. Mumbling and murmuring does not embolden confidence. Speak with authority and flair.

Photo Credit: Christin Nzobadila-Bela





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