Meet Isaiah Gyamfi the 2-year old Ghanaian Wonder Kid who taught himself Japanese

Ghanaian prodigy Isaiah Gyamfi is fast gaining international attention and with good reason. At just two-years old Isaiah Gyamfi can count in at least 4 different languages and is solving complex calculus and arithmetic.

According to Jazelle, Isaiah’s mother, he started showing extraordinary intelligence at the age of five months. She spoke to the Mirror about Isaiah’s extraordinary talents. She noticed him enjoying learning one day when he was watching a video on her phone on YouTube and then she decided to put on a video about Japanese numbers.

Isaiah Gyamfi is a keen learner and eager to learn music instruments.

She added that Isaiah listened to the video repeatedly until he could recite the numbers back to back. Isaiah learned to count up to 40 in Japanese by himself in less than 24 hours!

Jazelle, who is an early childhood education teacher based in London, started creating a learning environment for him at 4-months old. She started by placing numeracy and literacy flashcards in their living room so Isaiah could learn through visuals.

After a few months, they noticed Isaiah could surprisingly point out the correct letters and recite them out using phonics. He also practiced writing numbers and solving Math problems all by himself.

Isaiah showed interest in languages as well. He now speaks several languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Twi, Yoruba, and Japanese!

Absolutely amazing.

Jazelle capture Isaiah’s learning achievements and shared them on a Instagram account and the rest was history.

At 11months Isaiah Gyamfi has taught himself how to count in Japanese.

Isaiah’s videos went viral with several people all over the world keen on seeing what new milestone this Wonder Kid crosses. We can’t wait to see what new frontiers Isaiah Gyamfi breaks.





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