It is a laughing Ghanaian matter on this Twitter Space

When Twitter updated its platform with Twitter Space they probably did not foresee the many strange and funny subjects the feature would be used for. Or maybe they did?

Twitter Spaces have become very in vogue now and with good reason. They allow personable interactions where you can engage on chosen topics. Famous among them is KalyJay’s Twitter Space which has him hosting live interactive sessions with popular Ghanaian and international celebrities.

You can find all sorts on Twitter Spaces; from serious topics such as Muslim Women in Tech to not so critical ones like People Who Listen to Cats Yawn. Please, don’t ask how we fell down that rabbit hole.

What we did not expect to find is a Ghanaian Twitter Space dedicated to just laughing.

Oh yes, you read right. Ghanaians just enter the space and just laugh.

We thought they were kidding. We thought wrong.

In a funny twist, the commentary on Twitter seems to have shifted towards our Nigerian brothers and sisters believing this bizarre Twitter Space is a dig at their 1-0 loss to Tunisia.

What do you think from these comments?

OK this one isn’t helping the matter. At all.

Suffice to say Ghanaians are having fun with Twitter Spaces and we are here for it.

After all who needs everything to make sense?





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