It was an Efik-Ijaw affair at the traditional wedding of Gloria and Wanaemi

Gloria and Wanaemi’s union in Calabar is something you wouldn’t want to miss

All you need to know from Gloria and Wanaemi’s traditional wedding

Gloria and Wanaemi got married in a beautiful ceremony in Calabar, Cross River. The union was a representation of two culture. The graceful bride beautifully showcased the Efik culture while the groom represented the Ijaw tradition. What do you expect when there is a fusion of two beautiful culture? It was epic!

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The couple first met on 5th September 2020 when they attended a baby christening of a mutual friend. They barely noticed the presence of each other. Sometime in December, they were introduced by the same friend and they exchanged numbers.  Initially, their communication was not frequent but subsequently became constant.

The bride had this to share;

” Time passed and we were ready to meet, so we did and everything changed. It has been 7 months of selfless love, kindness, sparks, laughter, fights, understanding. Ours has been a predestined union, we saw God from the very beginning, until this moment and we’re confident that God will be with us all through this lovely journey. I married the best man!”

Enjoy fascinating pictures from Gloria and Wanaemi’s traditional wedding




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