Ivorian beauty queen Olivia Yacé looks divine in her Akan-themed gown

Ivory Coast beauty queen Olivia Yacé is royalty. Literally royalty. The Miss World contestant had a sit-down in which she highlighted on her Akan royal heritage.

Yes, Olivia Yacé is descended from Ashanti Royal ancestory. Olivia Yacé is Baoulé.

The History

According to history the Baoulé are an Ashanti offshoot tribe who migrated from Ghana to Ivory Coast to escape persecution. They trace their ancestors to Abla Pokou (Abena Poku) who was the sister of Osei Tutu the First. History states that Abla Poku laid claim to the Golden Stool considering the Ashanti practice a matrilneal system of inheritance. She believed her bloodline should be the next custodians the Ashanti Kingdom. Her dispute found disfavour with the other Ashanti clans and in the end Abla Poku and her sympathisers who revolted had to flee to save their lives. Abla Poku is said to have gone farther west to escape persecution and after trials she and her followers settled in present day Ivory Coast.

The Contemporary.

Olivia Yacé traces her ancestors to the legendary Abla Poku and she isn’t shy to talk about it. As seen here.

We, however, cannot get enough of Olivia Yacé Akan-themed gown. A form fitting white lace gown beaded with cowries and topped with a printed headway, the 23-years old model looks absolutely divine.

Here are photos from Olivia Yacé in her stunning outfit.


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