J’Dess and Onyeka met on the plane and now it’s a seaside wedding

J’Dess and Onyeka got married in a beautiful seaside white wedding.

Finalist of The Voice Nigeria 2017;J’Dess tied the knot with the love of her life.

They say what is meant to be will always a find a way. Guess what? J’Dess and Onyeka found their way as they sealed their love in a glamorous wedding ceremony. The circumstances that surrounded the couple’s first meeting is something you would want to know.

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Jdess and Onyeka’s first meeting was on the plane. You should know that Jdess was not meant to be on that flight .She was on her way from Abuja going to Lagos. She wanted a seat that would make her feel comfortable because she did not want to be disturbed.  Jdess took the first seat that was available and there sat Onyeka.

She shared;

“On my right was a dark-skinned fine-looking young man. I thought he looked put together and won’t bother me in any way and that was the first seat available so I took the seat…He spoke to me in a few minutes and I pretended I didn’t hear him…In my mind, I was like,” he may want to have a conversation Joy, but wait for him to try again so you’re sure”.

The first attempt by Onyeka proved futile but man was not ready to give up anytime soon. He tried to make a conversation again and this time it worked. Fast forward, the couple got talking and are now married. According to Jdess ,Onyeka is the man she had been praying for;

” He is everything I’ve prayed for. He is the most beautiful man I know and I’m grateful to God. If I never believed in love, he has made me a strong believer. True love really does exist”.

The groom had this to say;

“I found her! The story is amazing for several reasons. First , I didn’t have to be in Abuja that long. Then, what was the random probability that the seats in flight were random. Plus, we would have never have been on the same flight if their options wasn’t fully booked. It was like the universe was making us meet”.

Enjoy stunning pictures from their union.




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