#JenNiiAsOne : From Dancing Bridesmaid to Dancing Bride. The love story of Jennie and Nii is one for the books.

For some, it might be love at first sight but for Jennie and Nii, it was love at first ‘gbese’. 

Ways of meeting potential love interests have become unconventional over the years and we love it.  The ‘gbese’ bridesmaid, met the love of her life through her viral dance video.

Jennie, a talented dancer, had no idea that demonstrating her abilities at her closest friend’s wedding, would land her Nii, a close friend of the weddings photographer. She probably didn’t give it much thought and she was enjoying herself and living in the moment. Little did she know, she had been spotted by her fiancé who saw the video of her dance moves go viral. 

From there, the connection was undeniable.  And it’s intensely evident in their pre wedding photos.  

Their love story is told through their photos. A couple who brazed distance to find each other.  

We tell the story of how they found each other in 4 steps that will help you find your soulmate too.  

Go out 

The introverts are discouraged at this point but going out is your best chance to connect with people these days.  Conversations over the phone get weird real fast these days.  Jennie showed off her renowned dance talents during her bestie’s wedding party #themochias19 a few years back. Bryan @whitechalktheplanner shot her iconic “gbese” bridesmaid video, which went viral and drew the attention of Nii, Bryan’s pal. 

Take a dance class 


And we mean this respectfully.  Equip yourself with some dance moves. There are very easy ones and plenty of tutorials on YouTube.  If you can’t be a dancing bridesmaid or groom, kindly take a seat in the back we’ll find you another way to meet your S/O. 

Nii and Bryan made a joke about how much pressure there is now days to get it right with your dancing bridesmaids at your wedding or otherwise. Jennie was dragged into the conversation between the two. 

Don’t be afraid to show people how you feel about them.  

If the feeling and attraction is there, you’ll know.  Let them know as well. The worst that can happen is you get rejected. It’s part of life. But the best thing can also come out of it.  You’ll meet the person you were destined to love who loves you back. 

Nii sensed a promising energy from the moment he  met Jennie and went out of his way to learn more about her. It turns out that the attraction was mutual… 

Make an effort 

It’s easy to walk out of relationships these days.  Nobody wants stress and unrequited effort. If you’re willing to make it work, don’t just say it. Back it with effort and watch it blossom.  

Despite living km apart, Jennie and Nii formed a dedicated relationship that eventually led to a loving marriage.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple.  Wishing them a fruitful marriage.  





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