#TheJonesBond2022: 22 of our favourite moments from the wedding of the year

β€’ Business magnate Emmnauel Kojo Jones Mensah and Raychel married in grand style on the 23rd of March.

β€’ The Wedding was attended by 600 strictly by invitation attendees.

β€’ The ceremony had over twenty high-profile vendors including Zesuza Farms, Laboratory Cocktail, Abiss Smart Local Bar and many more.

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs. Emmanuel and Raychel Jones.

It’s only the end of March and it already looks like we have witnessed the wedding of the year. Kumasi came alight yesterday with the lavish traditional marriage ceremony of business magnate Emmanuel Kojo Jones Mensah and Raychel Jones. We’re talking royal dance troupes, jewel-ornate outfits and bouquets of hanging gardens. Truly it was a wedding worth every head turn and social media mention.

Well, what do we know about the groom Emmanuel Kojo Jones Mensah?

Son of the late Justice Emmanuel Kofi Mensah, Emmanuel Kojo Jones has carved his place in Ghana’s commerce and construction space with his Empire Conglomerate. With hands-on real estate experience born from years in the United Kingdom, Emmanuel’s businesses include Empire Concrere Ltd, Empire Domus Ltd and King Crown Multimedia amongst others.

The CEO of Empire Domus and his gorgeous wife have been the talk of town following their splendourous nuptials.

Here are 22 of our favourite moments from #TheJonesBond2022





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