Joselyn Dumas makes January her most fashion fiercest yet with these 7 IG posts.

Imagine, the month hasnt even ended yet!

There’s something about Josely Dumas lately. Maybe it’s her glowing skin. Maybe it’s her radiant smile. Or could it just be her bubbly and vivacious personality. Whatever it is we are more than certain that her style is nothing close to questionable.

She has been on an absolute roll this year. We just got past the first few weeks in January and her Instagram posts are back to back fiery and fierce with the fashion. The Actress just graced the pages of GQSouthAfrica.

Joselyn Dumas shot by Gilbert Asante for GQSouthAfrica.

We love a lady who likes to dress up and isn’t shy to flaunt it. And with a photographer like Gilbert Asante? No surprise that she’s looking exquisitely prime.

From haute to hot to concept to casual, Joselyn Dumas is in her own groove. I mean look at this sultry beauty by the sea photo- looking all wet yet steamy.

Oh my days!

Here’s a closer look at 7 of Joselyn Dumas’ January Fashion Fierce posts.

Miss Beauty Queen with the Ruby dress

Tea Time in Wonderland.

Every girl needs a Red Freakum Dress

Sporting a black knockout tonight.

Black attack.

Nurture nature.





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