Joyce Blessing gives us the hot scoop with 5 modest chic OOTD looks

Multiple award-winning gospel musician Joyce Blessing has been in the trends for a while now. When she’s not booked and busy recording inspirational music or campaigning on an outreach somewhere remote, Joyce blesses us with some of the modest chic OOTDs we’ve seen.

Although Joyce Blessing’s latest Instagram post is more about her latest venture (Unbreakable Farms), her feed sports practical outfits that still manage to tow the line between chic and prudent elegance. We just had to share.

Here are 5 of our favourite modest chic OOTD looks as seen on Joyce Blessing.

For the first of our favourite modest chic looks by Joyce Blessing, we went straight for this iconic white dress with a flowing cape. The embossed designs on the fabric, the knotted hair band with beads and the hair, emphasized Joyce’s golden complexion! Clean, simple and cut cute.

This outfit by Stitch Perfect is a nice dinner wrap. It manages to stay modest while accentuating Joyce’s frame. We love the glittering stone additions. They transform an otherwise regular dress into an outfit with flair.

Like fine wine is what this burgundy coloured number gives us. Joyce’s third OOTD is a look that can easily transition from church service to industry dinner party. Clad in a sultry wine-colored dress with black silk plumage across the chest, Joyce looks exquisite.

Joyce Blessing looks haute in this OOTD. The hair alone- it’s fancy, it’s fierce, and it’s fashion. And we adore it. From afar the chest piece seems like a pernickety touch until you look closer and realise that it’s embroidered flower patterns. The delicate addition to the look is superfluous.

Wax print African wear dresses stay timeless and Joyce Blessing shows this with a form-fitting dress that still manages to stay spot on the modest memo. The silver bangles and the feathery hand fan are welcome accessories that take the outfit from a gorgeous 8 to an elegant 10.





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