Kicking into 2022: here are our top 5 fashionable sneakers for 2022

This year we are kicking up our street style a notch or 10 higher. Yes, we want to look good and MUST TO look good. We are aware that finding a sneaker that beat suits your style can be somewhat stressful. Especially when it is a last minute function you are attending.

Whether going to the mall, a youth church program or a social hangout, this sneaker list will hold you down. You need style and want comfort, right? Well, here goes.

Here are our top 5 fashionable sneakers for 2022.

1. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

A veteran in the sneaker world, the Adidas Stan Smith shoe with its colour variants are a trusted choice for anything Street style. Be it velcro or lace front, these shoes are never a miss.

2. Nike Air Max 720

What is a good sneaker list without a Nike Air Max? No, like really, what is good sneaker list without a Nike Air Max?! Comfy and filled with air underneath, you can trust that your style will be a subject of attention.

3. Reebok Club C

Are you looking for something retro? Something 80s? Then welcome to the Reebok Club C club. These comfortable sneakers are a favourite with that tennis streetwear aesthetic. Someone cue Lorde’s Tennis Court.

4. Adidas Ultraboost 21

The boost you need. These shoes were made for running and run into being a fashion killer you shall. Yes, receive it. The Adidas Ultraboost 21 is made with dual density-cushioning for your feet while walking or running. So apart from looking good you have the option of boosting your sporty new year resolutions.

5. Classic High Top Converse Chuck Taylor

It is called classic for a reason and streetwear is all about make the old look disruptive and new. While there are new variations such as the Glam Platform Chuck Taylor, a clean pair of Chuck Taylors will always benefit any denim outfit you pick. Happy stepping into 2022.


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