5 Ladies fashion essentials that never go out of style

Fast fashion has easily become a favourite part of the fashion industry lately. A lot of people are buying clothes with short life cycles and with an even shorter consumer-garment relationship.

However, we still believe in fashion as an investment. Sometimes personal and sometimes, even generational. I’m still holding on to my grandma’s akata wax prints. Don’t judge.

Fashion fads come and go but some fashion essentials are classic and stand the test and taste of time. These wardrobe items are practically a want and not a need. If you ever do decide to overhaul your wardrobe make sure you have a store of these fashion essentials.

Black heels

Salma Mumin

Feminine, sexy, classic and black. You probably expected this one. Black shoes are a wardrobe given for every lady. They are feminine, sexy and classic. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of black heels. Whether it is to the office, to dinner or a night out, an elegant pair of black shoes will walk you across every yellow-brick road. You can make them funkier with a jewel or crystal anklet


Hayet Rida- Black blazer.

One of the most versatile garments of the 20th and 21st centuries. The outfit possibilities of a blazer? They are endless. They are a suitable piece for any event; be formal or informal. Plus, it’s the easiest fashion essential if you want to look preppy. A neutral coloured blazer (white, black or grey) can be paired with almost all of your wardrobe items. It can be paired with jeans or over a blouse. A tailored blazer look is great to accentuate your frame and waist.

Floral-print blouses

Juliet Ibrahim

Do not be deceived, a floral-print blouse never goes out of style. Ask yourself this, how can flowers on God’s green earth go out of vogue? A cute floral-patterned top paired with a neutral coloured trousers or pair of shorts is always a stylish look. You love to be minimalist? Then opt for a monochromatic flower-print blouse instead. Your wardrobe should never go without a bit of nature in print.


Temi Otedola – a pair of bell-bottom jeans

Need we say more? Jeans are the most hardworking fashion essentials in a lady’s closet. Whether latex or wax print trends pop out on the fashion season, jeans will never fail to ever go out of style. Denim trousers are for all seasons. Rainy days, dry afternoons, cool nights or hot mornings; denims jeans are a given. They can take you from work to a cocktail party, and from a casual day outdoors to a dressier night out with a swap of accessories and a pair of elegant heels. Jeans are a ladies No. 1 fashion essential. A pair of jeans that fit flawlessly is your easy breezy best friend for life. 

Little Black Dress

Melissa’s Wardbrobe – Little Black Dress

We started with black and end it just the same. After all, it doesn’t crack. A nice little black dress is always useful. Dinner? Work? Casual date? Party? Church? Funeral? The little black dress works for every situation and occasion. It stays being a classic for a reason. Maybe a simple mod black dress fits your fancy. Maybe a flowing freakum style for a hot night on the town. Which ever and wherever, this dress won’t fail you. And because it’s such a neutral colour, it works as the perfect canvas for varying accessory styles. You could even step out in it for the umpteenth time and no one would notice it isn’t new.





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