Do you know how you can cut your wedding costs? Get your groom to do your makeup.

Looking at the amount of times the internet has been broken today, it should be held together by glue. One of the trending stories today is the make-up artiste groom. We mean, why pay someone to do your wife’s makeup when you can do it yourself?

Omoteji Oluwapamilerinayo is a Nigerian male make up artiste based in Lagos. He learnt how to do make up in 2015 and since then has built his brand look by look. With a keen eye for beauty and a makeup brush crafted by the gods themselves, Omoteji has continuously been serving looks in the beauty and make up world that is mostly dominated by women.

Omoteji known on Instagram as Emyztouch, boasts of 11. 7k followers and specialises in bridal make up. It was no surprise that on his special day, the day he tied the knot with his long term love, Bodunde, in an exquisite traditional wedding, he took it upon himself to take her from hot to sizzling and boiling over.

Omoteji documented the whole process from barefaced and beautiful to all made up and even more beautiful.

Omoteji’s wife, was clad in smiles and a traditional emerald green Asoebi with matching gele as her loving groomed doted on her amidst her make up session. It was a sight to revel.

If you’re planning to get married soon, it’s not too late to get your soon-to-be husband started on some make up classes. How much to make up artistes cost today? And how much do make up classes cost? You get it? Make the right move. And if you don’t have girlfriend, maybe your brush techniques could pull you a sweetwun.





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