Looking for what to watch? 8 new shows to watch this week

The past few weeks have been a banger at the Box Office. We got our faith restored in the DCEU with James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2 for starters. And Netflix gave us a nice slice of nostalgia with the final instalment of the Kissing Booth.

Now, we’re looking for what else to attract our attention span. Thankfully, there is some good cinema content streaming online on Netflix, HBOMax and Disney+.

Here are 8 new shows to watch this week.

1. The Devil’s Work


Sparrow Station’s limited investigative series comes to light in this riveting show staring Joselyn Dumas and Adjetey Annan. Created by Shirley Frimpong-Frimpong-Manso and Ken Attoh, this show is action packed with a razzle-dazzle circle of zany and comedic characters.

2. What If…

Marvel gives us the first episode of What Ifโ€ฆ, and itโ€™s alight with action from the start. This animated series has each episode focusing on a different character and it is said the series will have implications for the MCU going forward. Take a peek at this episode which shows what would happen if Agent Peggy Carter took the super serum instead of Steve Rodgers.


3. Vivo


Another animated piece of cinema takes the lead with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s (Washington Heights) Vivo. Follow this musical adventure built on the weight of confessing a life time worth of love.

4. Free Guy

Look, this movie’s promo was so hard that we honestly thought it had come out a year ago. Ryan Reynolds is Free Guy, a background character in a videogame, who suddenly becomes self-aware. We know, we know. High concept and bizarre. But then Reynolds does that best, doesn’t he?


5. Summer of Soul


This fascinating and entertaining documentary follows a series of nine weekend concerts featuring the best black musicians the US has ever seen. If you’re a music lover of Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder and the vivacious Diana Ross, then chart through this docu-series for music that’ll touch your soul.


6. Jungle Cruise

There is a lot of fun to be had with Jungle Cruise but it’s easily a one-watch kind of movie. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Emily Blunt are the captain and explorer who are travel the Amazon in search of The Tree Of Life. Enjoy the high-jinks and the jungle dangers as you cruise through this movie.


7. Blood Red Sky

Yup, yup. We got bloodsucker! On a plane! Vampires on a plane is the premise of Blood Red Sky, where it is down to a vampire to stop a highjacking and it’s bloody good fun. It’s great to see Dominic Purcell back in a movie about vampires. Trust this is a good slash and gore watch.


8. Ted Lasso

Now Ted Lasso is back and he’s back like he never left. The manager of Richmond FC who has oodles of advice for his players comes back with the spotlight being shifted to some of the sweetest and fondest characters from the first season. Enjoy this comedy-drama with a light heart. You deserve it.

So there you have it. 8 shows to start your week. Let’s see if you can get through them.

Any other movie, documentary or series suggestions. We want to know. Tell us in the comments below.





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